Nike Officially Settles Lawsuit Against Its Three Former Designers

Nike's lawsuit against former designers Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce, and Mark Miner has finally been settled.

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It's been a long and arduous court case, but Nike's lawsuit against its three former designers has finally been settled.

According to the Portland Business Journal, Nike has settled its case against Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce, and Mark Miner. The lawsuit, which accused the three designers of taking the brand's trade secrets with them to rival adidas, was entering a crucial deposition phase when it was resolved rather suddenly.

Last we heard, the trio's lawyer claimed that Nike had searched through nearly 30 electronic devices and almost 70,000 pages of documents without being able to prove that its secrets had been compromised. The next step would have been depositions for top names at the Swoosh including CEO Mark Parker and global creative director Martin Lotti.

While specific terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, however we are able to confirm that neither party was compensated for its attorney fees. If we hear any more details, we'll be sure to update this post.

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