This Is What Happens When a Mommy Blogger Writes About Yeezys

A mom's take on Kanye West's wildly popular adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers, which are releasing in kid's sizes soon.

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It's official: kid's sizes of the Yeezy Boost 350 are coming this August, but it's not just sneakerheads that are getting worked up over the pint-sized Boosts—mom bloggers are getting in their two cents, too.

Romper writer recently took on the subject, attempting to make sense of the pricey Kanye West sneakers from a mom's perspective. "It's a lot of money for shoes, especially considering they're for kids who can hardly walk and who will likely outgrow them in a hot minute," Becky Bracken writes of the shoe's rumored $120 retail price.

For mothers who insist on copping a pair, Bracken thinks the "Pirate Black" colorway is more practical than its "Turtle Dove" counterpart. "The tan ones are cute, but would get dirty pretty fast. Have you ever seen what playground sand can do to a kid's shoes?," she said, adding that the "lighter ones would definitely have to be special occasion sneakers."

While she raises some interesting points, keep in mind that these opinions are coming from someone who's not a sneakerhead—Romper confused the adidas NMD "Glitch Camo" with Yeezys in the article's lead image, seen below.