Marshawn Lynch Gave $500 to a McDonald's Worker to Buy a Pair of Sneakers


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There aren't many NFL players as endearing — or perhaps more accurately, as interesting — as Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, but this story is definitely one of his best off-field moments yet.

According to TMZ, Lynch was picking up food from a Dallas McDonald's following last Sunday's win over the Cowboys when he started talking with a 17-year-old worker, Terrance Downs, who was mopping the floors.

"I told him I liked his shoes — navy blue Buscemis — and how I wanted to buy a pair and we all started talking," Downs told TMZ.  

At that point, Lynch asked the teenager about his plans for the future, which Downs said involved fashion and hopes of one day owning his own boutique. That's when Lynch decided to take on something of a mentorship role, giving Downs $500 and telling him, "If you're serious about getting those shoes, here's some money to help you get 'em. My job is to continue to see you grow."

How dope is that? Downs tells TMZ that he did indeed use the cash to buy the shoes, and says he hopes, "I can do the same thing for someone else one day." 

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