Remember when Marshawn Lynch took a trip to Turkey after the Super Bowl earlier this year? I mean, really, how could you forget?! He was spotted wearing the best "business casual" outfit of all time. And it sounds like it was a trip for the ages.

The Wall Street Journal just provided an in-depth look at the trip—which Lynch took on behalf of American Football Without Borders—and while Lynch didn't respond to their requests for an interview about it (no surprise there), the WSJ spoke with people about what role he played. Here are just a few things we learned about Beast Mode from the WSJ piece:

  • Lynch spent most of his time in Turkey teamed up with DeAngelo Williams teaching Turkish women how to play the running back position.
  • Lynch was the "loudest guy" at the American Football Without Borders camps, according to Saints fullback Erik Lorig.
  • Lynch spent 20 minutes giving a young boy a pep talk after he started crying during a practice and, according to the WSJ, he talked to him about "how there are no losers on the practice field and that it is about learning lessons."
  • Lynch refused to let American Football Without Borders pay for any of his accommodations.
  • Lynch is afraid of heights.

We already knew Lynch was an interesting guy. But as the WSJ points out, the stories surrounding him are beginning to turn into the "stuff of legend." Check out the whole piece here.

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[via Wall Street Journal]

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