Kobe Bryant's Sheath Logo Just Got Its Very Own Font

Nike has tapped London creatives Sawdust to create a custom font based on Kobe Bryant's Sheath logo.

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Since 2007, Kobe Bryant's sneakers and apparel have been represented by the now-commonplace "Sheath" logo. Also known as the "Shozoku," the iconic trident-like logo has become basketball's most recognizable emblem since the Jumpman.

Now, Nike is taking things a step further by appointing London design firm Sawdust to create a bespoke typeface based on the Sheath. The team used the logo's defining lines as inspiration. "The design was inspired by the star-like negative space that is created in the central point of the logo mark," Sawdust designer Rob Gonzalez said. 

"Like with any bespoke typeface the idea was to have something that exists exclusively for the player and him as a brand. We worked closely with the designers at Nike to realize something that is unique, versatile and very much on brand with Kobe Bryant as a Jordan-signed player," Gonzalez told It's Nice That.

The result is a highly-detailed, one of a kind font that we'll surely be seeing more of in the future. Check out some samples below.