The "Damn Daniel" Creator Got Hacked and the Original Video Was Deleted

The end of "Damn Daniel"?

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It's time to pay your respects to greatest meme of 2016 so far—or at least the video that started it all. As of publishing, the original "Damn Daniel" video is no longer on the Internet.

That's because the teenager who filmed the viral clip, Joshua Holz, had his Twitter account hacked over the weekend, as reported by Gizmodo. The attack included a number of racist and otherwise offensive tweets, and it also removed the video responsible for Holz's sudden fame. 

Holz has since re-gained control of his account, but the video is gone, prompting the teen to tweet "#getthevideoback." It remains to be seen if the folks at Twitter can recover the clip, but honestly, that might be the least of Holz's concerns. Last week, the Riverside, Calif., home that Holz shares with his parents was swatted, and this latest hack seems to be proof that the trolls aren't letting up.

It's not all bad news, though. Although the precious retweets and likes have been lost in the Twittersphere, the video still exists on YouTube, the teens are still getting plenty of media coverage, and Daniel even upgraded his t-shirt game with a piece from Supreme's new collection. Think he plans on copping these?

Damn Daniel!! Got to hang with @daniel_laraa and @josholzz today. What are they planning next? Watch @abc7 at 430pm.

— Rob McMillan (@abc7robmcmillan) February 29, 2016