What, you thought the "Damn Daniel" buzz was starting to wear off? Not so fast. In a move that could either immortalize the meme for years to come or spell its death knell once and for all, a Texas man recently got the phrase permanently inked.

25-year-old Daniel Howland told Daily News that he decided to get the tattoo as a homage to his lifelong love for Vans. "Plus everyone for the last week has been yelling 'damn Daniel' at me," Howland said. Sounds logical enough, right?

If Howland's name rings a ball, it might be because he's done this sort of thing before. Right around this time last year, Howland got a tattoo of of "The Dress," and now he's back at it again—no pun intended—with the latest viral craze. 

Believe it or not, there's more. Howland isn't the only one with "Damn Daniel" ink, as at least one other tattoo has been spotted. Check that one out below and stay tuned to see where this goes next. 

Image via @joshy_tattoo