Concepts Hooked a Kid Up With New Sneakers After He Got Robbed


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A teenager from Boston just got blessed by Concepts after being robbed of birthday money that he planned to spend on sneakers.

Last month, 13-year-old Amir Taste was robbed for $100 while walking to school. When police arrived on the scene, the seventh grader explained that the cash was a birthday gift that he was going to use to buy a new pair of shoes. That was all they needed to hear before deciding to take matters into their own hands.

The police contacted Concepts, where employee Justin Kirkland-Smith stepped up to hook Taste up with a brand new pair. "Once the officers told us why they were buying the sneakers, there was no way we were gonna take their money," Kirkland-Smith said. The sneakers were a pair of Ishod Wair's Nike SB Dunk Low Pros, pictured below. 

Days later, Taste penned a thank you note to Kirkland-Smith and Concepts, which you can read above.

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