Find Out What Crips and Pirus Think about Kendrick Lamar’s Reeboks

A Crip and a Piru discuss the meaning behind Kendrick Lamar's Reebok collab.

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This evening Kendrick Lamar tweeted a new video, hosted by Top Dawg Entertainment on YouTube, that gets to heart of the message behind his “C Neutral” Reebok collaboration. We already knew that the “Red” and “Blue” shown on the sneakers are a gesture towards unity, but Lamar is going further.

The video shows two gang members, G Weed (Piru) and Jigga (Crip), talking about their experiences a growing up in Compton and how they found themselves in their respective gangs.

“You know it’s like the real definition of ‘Only the strong survive’ right here,” says Jigga, remarking how hard it is to get to an old age when tied up in Compton gangs.

They discuss how deep the separation between their gangs goes, and how early those distinctions and rivalries began. How gang life becomes aspirational to kids. But then how music can speak to a new generation and change things. And then they crack open their pairs to rock them.

“We all can exist and respect each other. And love one another," says G Weed.

"The message is just a whole lot of peace and unity,” says Jigga. “It’s a unity thing. We’re taking steps together.”

Here’s hoping.

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