UPDATE: Kanye West's adidas Yeezy Sneaker Has Finally Been Revealed

We have a full view of the new Yeezy.

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Image via Complex Original
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Photos of Kanye West's long awaited adidas sneaker collaboration have finally been revealed.

Ibn Jasper, Kanye’s barber and longtime friend, posted pictures of the forthcoming sneaker on Instagram, claiming to be “Sittin next to YEEZY” himself. Jasper initially posted four photos so far, one showing the silhouette (in black and white), another of the underside of the sole, and then the rear and the upper. He followed that up a few hours later with new photos with an above shot, and a shot of the strap opened, revealing the three stripes underneath.

What we can see, along with the comment Jasper has included, is that the sole uses adidas’ flagship Boost technology, with a unique twist we can only expect from Kanye.

The countdown continues to the official unveiling of his full adidas collection at New York Fashion Week. Considering how similar these look to the original leaked photo, what you see may be what you get. Just make sure you download adidas' reservation app to lock your pair in.


Jasper continues to show off more looks, along with Rihanna, who have both posted a photo of Kanye West in Grammy rehearsal with Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney with Kanye wearing the shoe. Find it below:




[via Ibn Jasper]