Some used to laugh at the idea of a rapper being the biggest name in sneakers. They could never outsell NBA superstars or gain the respect of footwear industry stalwarts. Then came Kanye West. It all started in 2009 with his Nike Air Yeezy 1 release, then came a Louis Vuitton collection, the Air Yeezy 2, a move to Adidas, and so the story goes. Of course, there are shoes he’s done before that: Unreleased Reebok S. Carters and Nike Air Max 180s. But the true passion of West as a footwear designer was actualized when he got his own sneaker, the Yeezy, and now in all of its iterations. 

But, what’s so good about Yeezys? From color schemes to the comfort, just like Kanye’s rap style, let’s say: it’s all in the details.

So, what did we do? We ranked them all of his sneakers, the cool Yeezys and the Louis Vuitton ones, his own creations and his partnerships. Here are the best and the worst.