Watch This Guy Donate His Adidas to a Homeless Veteran

Man gives a homeless veteran a brand new pair of Adidas basketball sneakers off his feet.

Every so often a video circulates on social media that proves you should still have some faith in humanity. It's always good to see people committing random acts of kindness, and this viral clip illustrates exactly that. 

The video shows a man in his car watching a homeless veteran walking down the street barefoot. When the homeless man approaches the car, the driver decides to give him his new pair of Crazy Strike 3 basketball sneakers by Adidas right off of his feet. 

"Man, I can't take your shoes like that, man," the veteran protests, before eventually accepting the gift.

The viral video was posted by the Facebook page Bright Side on July 10, and has been viewed nearly 5 million times at the time of writing.  


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