Adidas Yeezys Experience Massive Sales Increase in Q4

Sales of Adidas Yeezys experienced a 600 percent increase in Q4 2018. Get more details about the latest news on Kanye West's footwear here.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 'Static' EF2829 (Lateral)

Image via Adidas

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 'Static' EF2829 (Lateral)

The resell prices for Adidas Yeezys might have slowly declined into oblivion over the course of 2018, but Yeezys are far from "dead" like some people have started to preach to the masses—at least not from a strictly business perspective. According to sneaker retail aficionado Matt Powell, Adidas Yeezy sales saw a 500 percent increase in Q4. 

A large increase in overall sales seems like a guarantee given the larger quantities produced for a lot of 2018's releases. After all, one million pairs of "Cream White" Boost 350 V2s hit the market. There were also countless other pairs that dropped: new colorways of the Yeezy 500, the "Mauve" 700, and even December's "Static" releases all played a part in the growth of Yeezy's sales numbers.

In the short term, it looks like Kanye West's promise to get everyone a pair of Yeezys who wanted them worked out for Adidas. Whether you are a Ye supporter right now or not, whether you think the hype has passed or not, there is still a ton of people that view Yeezys as the "cool" shoes. There are still a ton of people who buy them despite their lack of exclusivity. These most recent sales numbers are very supportive of that sentiment.