What Women Really Think of Your Sneakerhead Habits

These ladies have experience with sneakers to weigh in on their male counterpart's obsession with kicks. Here's what they have to say about sneakerhead habits.

Whether we like to admit it or not, guys wear sneakers to attract the attention of women. That might not be the only reason we're obsessed with footwear, but it certainly factors into the equation. But maybe we assumed that all women love a sneakerhead. So we had to find out: Is that really the case?

A lot of sneakerheads have strange habits—spending all of their cash on sneakers, walking like a duck in order to not crease their prized pair, or caring about their sneakers more than their significant other—and we wanted to know what women think of them. So we enlisted some ladies who have experience with sneakers to weigh in on their male counterpart's obsession with kicks, and what did they have to say? If you want to know, find out What Women Really Think of Your Sneakerhead Habits.

Caroll van den Brom, Illustrator

Tina Nabati, Blogger ( Shoe Queendom)

Megan Ann Wilson, Stylist

Kimmy Kamish, Model

Anna Bediones, Blogger (Finish Line)

Location: Toronto

Twitter: @atothebed 

"I suppose, in theory, camping out for your boyfriend’s sneakers sounds romantic. Perhaps it’s some distorted sneakerhead thing that I’ll never understand, or perhaps I’m just not romantic like that. I’m sure there are girls out there willing to camp out for their boyfriends, but if you’re the type of guy that’s cool with sending your girl out by herself so you can have a pair of sneakers, then that’s on you."


Elena Bergeron, Editor-in-Chief (Triangle Offense)

Emily Oberg, Editorial Producer (Complex)

Anna Sian, Marketing (Staple )

Jazerai Lord, Director of Operations (Kicks on Fire)

Karolina Skrzypek, Student

Liz Barclay, Photographer (Complex)

Melanie Zelazny, Marketing (Overkill)

Sophia Chang, Illustrator

Kirsy Lovett, Nike Running Specialist

Vashtie, Artist, Designer, Director