Sneaker Spaces: Take a VR Tour of Undefeated in Los Angeles

Since 2001, Undefeated has been of the world's best sneaker stores. Take a look at the shop's original location in Los Angeles.

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In 2001, Undefeated opened its doors on La Brea in Los Angeles. The walls were sparsely populated with hard-to-find, limited-edition sneakers, but the shop's owners, James Bond and Eddie Cruz, were onto something. Undefeated would go onto open multiple locations across the globe, take place in some of the most important, early collaborations (Air Jordan IV, anyone?), and become a full-fledged brand. A lot of things have changed for the shop, but its original location remains there.

For the latest episode of Sneaker Spaces, we take a VR look at the original retail space and get a look at one of the country's best sneaker boutiques. From the A+ footwear selection to products that are Undefeated exclusives, the shop has the same energy it had 16 years ago. There's also a portrait of Eazy E on the wall.

Watch the episode above.

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