Paul Pierce Won't Let His Teammates Wear LeBron's Sneakers

The truth.

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Paul Pierce and LeBron James have had quite a rivalry since the days when Pierce's Celtics sent James' Cavs packing their bags in the 2008 and 2010 playoffs. The rivalry literally heated up when James went to Miami and Pierce hit a game-winning shot over him in the Eastern Conference finals, only for the Celtics to lose the series. So it goes as no surprise that the two aren't BFFs. This clash was further extended by comments from Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat, who exposed an interesting story behind how Pierce feels about James.

During Wizards Media day, Gortat said Pierce told him last season, "Not to wear LeBron James’s shoes to practice."

It's not surprising that Pierce, being the notorious trash talker that he is, would say such a thing. But in today's league where so few players receive quality signature sneakers, there are plenty of people who wear sneakers that weren't made specifically for them.

It's pretty clear that Pierce, who is now on the Los Angeles Clippers, won't be wearing a LeBron 13 PE this season.