The Best Sneaker Accounts to Follow on Instagram

From designers to the plug, these are the best sneaker Instagram accounts to follow right now.

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People who love sneakers love to take pictures of them, too, and they’ve been doing so for over a decade on the Internet. Previously, this took place on forums such as NikeTalk or Sole Collector, but since its inception in 2010, Instagram has become the hot spot for footwear nerds to pull out their iPhones, bend all the way forward, take the perfect picture, and share it with all of their friends.

With that said, the competition to have the best sneaker-related account on the Internet is ultra competitive. Folks love to flaunt their footwear collections and flex on everyone else with the quality and creativity of their photos, whether it’s a snap of their latest purchase or an original pair of Air Jordan 1s from 1985.

More than a handful of people have mastered crafting really attractive sneaker-centered Instagram accounts, amassing a few thousand followers with the click of their camera lenses. But with so many people posting sneakers on Instagram, it can be difficult to find the worthwhile people to follow—​because, really, who wants to mess up their followers-to-following ratio anyway? Here are The Best Sneaker Accounts to Follow on Instagram.



Followers: 388k

Shop owner. Designer. Jetsetter. All of these things describe the Instagram content of KITH’s Ronnie Fieg, but he would probably tell you one of the best descriptions is “sneakerhead.” The sneaker guru’s love dates all the way back to his early teenage years, working for David Z. Now he is one of the biggest names in the industry, seemingly dropping a new covetable collaboration with the likes of Asics, adidas, Puma, New Balance and more, which he often gives his Instagram followers a first glimpse of. Well, when he’s not showcasing what beautiful new city he’s visiting, he's making us fiend for the newest pieces of his clothing collection, too. It’s all in an Instagram day’s work to Fieg. —Nick Grant



​Followers: 33.7k

When it comes to sneaker re-selling, there may be no bigger player than Corgishoe. If you are out of the loop, you may go to his Instagram page and see three, MAYBE four photos on there and think “what the hell?” Well, that’s because the O.G. sneaker collector had just rifled off 10-30 detailed videos of original Jordans, limited Air Force 1s, or other hidden nostalgic gems you forgot even existed and, as soon as someone pops the right offer, that post is deleted, which is usually in a matter of minutes. We, as followers, need to act extremely fast without hesitation, but Corgishoe has done the complete opposite by staying extremely patient after years and years of Nostradamus-like clairvoyance into the sneaker world. Don’t sleep. He certainly didn’t. But the real reason most people follow Corgi, besides for his never-ending sneaker stash, is because of the way he continually shuts down other resellers and buyers. It's pure comedy.  —Nick Grant



​Followers: 12.4k

It’s more than easy to acquire a re-release of an Air Jordan sneaker in 2016, but it takes a special patience and dedication to come across the originals that are upwards of over 30 years old. Dylan Ratner has those, and he just doesn’t have a few of them either. His Instagram page is a treasure of Air Jordan 1s from 1985, a nearly complete set of adult and child-sized pairs. It doesn’t stop there: Ratner also has original Air Jordan IIIs, Air Jordan Vs, as well as rare samples and all other sorts of relics that many people didn’t think existed anymore. —Matt Welty



​Followers: 54.6k

French blogger Amel Mainich, better known as Ugly Mely, reps hard for females in the heavily male-dominated sneaker world. If there’s an upcoming women’s sneaker release, chances are you’ll see her with it first. With a Reebok sneaker collab and a published book entitled “Sneakers” under her belt, there's no doubting her importance to the culture. Her Instagram features plenty of kicks from her personal collection, including the latest adidas Boosts, Air Jordans, Nikes, and more. On top of that Ugly Mely, runs babykickstagram, an IG account dedicated to baby sneakers—​the perfect page if you collect miniature kicks or are trying to get your little one extra fresh. —Amir Ismael



​Followers: 22k

Nick Glackin, better known to the Internet as his IG handle, @glackster, is a Scottish guy living in Manchester, England, and he just might have the most creative sneaker photography account on Instagram. Aside from taking stellar on-foot photos that accentuate any pair of shoes, he’s also mastered the art of the Instagram video, too, taking live photos with his feet dangling over a river, with the sneaker’s reflection rippling in the water or stop-motion flicks that are way more advanced than others are doing right now. It also doesn’t hurt that his sneaker collection—​ranging from Yeezy Boosts to Kid Robot x Nike Air Max 1s—​is top notch. —​Matt Welty



Followers: 8k

Retro sneakers are undoubtedly the driving force behind the sneaker market and culture, and while many of the people lining up for releases these days weren’t old enough to see them played in originally, Onfootarchives takes you back to those times. Before artists specialized in sneaker photography, the best looks fans could get were during a game or maybe in a magazine. This account gathers those classic photos for us. Whether you’re an O.G. that's looking to take a walk down memory lane, or a youngin’ trying to take a peek into past eras, this is a must follow for fans looking to see their favorite sneakers in original form. —Marco H. Negrete



Followers: 166k

John Geiger is an entrepreneur at heart, and he's begun to establish his own name in the sneaker community. The Air Force 1 is one of Nike’s most popular silhouettes and Geiger loves it, too. Using designs Nike apparently shut down during his time with the company, he has released a series of custom AF1s called “Misplaced Checks” with the help of The Shoe Surgeon—all of which have been well-received by fans. In addition to his releases, Geiger’s post include plenty of his personal collection filled with NIKEiD and custom Air Force 1s. With much success and a large, constantly growing social media following, Geiger is now working on his own sneaker brand. —Amir Ismael



Followers: 24.5k

Danny Nunez might get the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the footwear industry, thanks to his role at Jordan Brand as Digital Brand Manager, but he’s also a regular guy who takes part in the joys and thrills of social media like everyone else. Except he does it really well. What makes Nunez someone to follow is that his Instagram account is a look into the life of a Jordan Brand insider. Many people would love to have the career he has, and he gives people a personal view of what it’s like to get friends-and-family Air Jordans or to travel to Toronto for All-Star weekend, all while highlighting what’s on his feet, too. —Matt Welty



Followers: 20.4k


There are a number of great sports photographers on Instagram, but when it comes to shooting sneakers, Gemini Keez is in a class of his own. In fact, he’s so good at what he does that LeBron James has been known to ban every member of the media from courtside, except for Keez. If you ever want to catch a closer look at a pair of kicks that your favorite player was wearing on TV, you’ll probably find it here. Keez doesn’t stop at the footwear, either, as he’s great at capturing other details and fleeting moments that many photogs wouldn’t even consider. His 'gram is the next best thing to actually being on the court. —Riley Jones



​Followers: 22.6k

For sneaker collectors who’ve regularly scoured eBay for their latest pick up, the name Croatianstyle should be familiar. The man behind the moniker, Andre Ljustina—​an avid sneakerhead in his own right—​turned collecting into a business with his eBay store and amassed an insane collection estimated at $2 million in the process. Now, the founder and owner of Project Blitz, Ljustina hosts “Restrospective,” a showcase where extremely rare kicks like Drake’s personal Air Jordans, signed “Space Jam” Air Jordan XIs from the movie set worth $60,000, and other Air Jordans you never even knew existed can be seen. When he’s not hosting his own showcases, or contributing to others, his Instagram is where sneakerheads can find plenty of kicks to drool over. —Amir Ismael



Followers: 6.1k

Gary Warnett is a man of many hats—former Crooked Tongues manager, obscure footwear expert, sportswear connoisseur, occasional Complex contributor—but whatever you do,don’t call him a sneaker historian. In a time where elements of late '80s and '90s style can be found just about everywhere, few accounts manage to embody what it really felt like to grow up in the era like Warnett’s. The London-based writer’s feed contains a wealth of information on hip-hop and sneakers, whether it’s a dusty vintage issue of The Source or a pair of trainers you always wanted but couldn’t recall the name of. Simply put, if you could bottle up everything dope about retro culture and put it into one Instagram account, this would be it. —Riley Jones



Followers: 80k

Coming live all the way from Kuwait, Kickstq gives his 80k followers more than just shots of some of the world’s most sought-after sneakers. He combines the hottest footwear with outfits that fuse together streetwear and high fashion, giving you a blueprint for how to combine your sneakers and wardrobe. Taking a peep at some of his earlier posts, you’ll notice that he started off posting strictly sneaker shots and has progressed into a page that is worthy of being featured on “Who to follow” lists for both sneakers and fashion. His transition from sneakers into fashion as a whole is something a lot of sneaker enthusiasts can relate to. Additionally, his mysterious online persona gives his page a unique theme, with shots focusing on his sneakers and outfits, without ever revealing his face. Whether it’s adidas Yeezy Boosts or the latest Air Jordan collab, Kickstq will give you a look that goes above and beyond the usual “on foot” sneaker snap. —​Marco H. Negrete



Followers: 165k

The athleisure movement is alive and well, and there aren’t many Instagram accounts that do as good of a job as documenting it as Team Cozy. Initially, simply a hashtag popularized by DJ and producer, TaKu Beats, #teamcozy became the @team_cozy we now know and even recently released their first line. From Flyknits and Boosts to joggers and sweats, it’s all covered here, along with the day-to-day activities of the group’s members which includes everything from breathtaking skyscraper selfies to #squadgoals-worthy group pics. If you’ve been considering making the transition to a cozier lifestyle to match your footwear choices, this is the perfect place to start. —Riley Jones



​Followers: 27k

If we’re talking “#TeamEarly, gc911 is an undisputed first-team selection. As a regular Complex reader, you’ll see him credited for a lot of the the first-looks that we post. He keeps his page pretty shoe-related so we can’t tell if he has the best plug ever, or if he is actually the plug, but giving him a follow will ensure first access to a lot of upcoming releases, player and team PEs, and some colorways that might never even drop. It’s not like he’s sneaking in quick iPhone photo leaks of these sneakers either, most of his shots are high res and give you a number of angles. Additionally, he’s a big Star Wars fan so there are a ton of sneaker/Star Wars shoots too, if you’re into that. —​Marco H. Negrete



Followers: 337k

Former NBA baller Richard Hamilton may be retired, but he’s still got a strong plug at Jordan Brand. While his posts include family life and throwbacks from his playing days, it’s the sneaker posts that make his account worthwhile for any Air Jordan fan. Hamilton regularly stunts with new Air Jordans months before they release and player exclusives he rocked on the court. In addition to stunting, he shares more personal sneaker stories, like the time he got a pair of “True Blue” Air Jordan IIIs off Michael Jordan’s feet, naming them the best pair of sneakers in his collection. —Amir Ismael