There's Now a Backpack Designed to Carry Your Sneakers With Ease

This awesome backpack was designed for sneakerheads.

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Every sneakerhead who travels always has several kicks on deck. But the problem is that most pieces of luggage are designed for the average consumer who might not require the same level of care sneakerheads need when it comes to packing expensive footwear. And that's where accessories company The Shrine comes in.

Just in time for All-Star Weekend and the slew of sneaker drops set to hit NYC, The Shrine has collaborated with the NBA to release a special version of its signature sneaker backpack. The bag is a carry-on size and easily fits two high-top sneakers in a dedicated compartment. The Shrine designed the backpack with the typical sneakerhead in mind, utilizing extra padding and weather-resistant material to keep your kicks safe during travel.

The NBA-branded version is exclusive to celebs and influencers during All-Star Weekend, but a similar backpack is already available right now on The Shrine's online store. Pick one up today to haul around your All-Star Weekend purchases, and leave your #struggle backpack for the classroom.





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