The Ultimate Travel Bags For Sneakerheads

Sneakerheads on the go can stay laced with this backpack and duffel bag made specifically for kicks.

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Traveling can be a pain for sneakerheads who want to bring a rotation of kicks with them without having to lug around a bunch of separate bags. If you're looking to stay laced when you're on the go, peep these travel bags designed by San Francisco-based label The Shrine.

There's a backpack and a duffel available, and both styles can fit two pairs of sneakers each. There's a separate compartment specifically for your sneakers that's been designed large enough to fit a size 20. Best of all, the panels are water-resistant, so no need to worry about the elements ruining your collection.

The backpack and duffel are also equipped with additional sections to fit your other travel essentials, including clothing, accessories, and electronics. You can pre-order the backpack and duffel right here. The products are expected to begin shipping at the end of this month.







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[via The Shrine]