This Sneakerhead Stores His Collection in the Most Awesome Way

Air Jordan III sneaker box inspires this custom storage unit.

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Image via Complex Original
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Forms of sneaker storage can be pretty basic. Some collectors use Ikea-based shelving units, while others opt for stackable drop-front plastic bins. And then there's a traditional group of 'heads who've run out of shits to give, and just throw their kicks back in the box and stack them in the corner of their room.

If none of these options are cool enough to complement your collection of heat, you might want to consider a completely custom storage unit.

Instagram user Woodist Punk made his own shelves that were designed to look like Air Jordan III and Nike Sportswear sneaker boxes. The slide-out shelving system is built from scratch and comes equipped with the appropriate hinges, allowing the box-top to prop open.

You might've seen a similar creation that we posted back in November from a sneakerhead in NYC.

Woodist Punk, who's based in the UK, accepts orders on his custom boxes, which will run you £300 ($450) for just the box. It's not cheap, but for a completely custom creation that looks awesome, we're sure some 'heads wouldn't mind dropping that type of money.

[via paul_imakeshitouta_wood]