ConceptKicks Founder Mr. Bailey Will Be Teaching Students How to Start Their Own Sneaker Brand

Anyone intersted in starting their own sneaker brand should check this out

Image via SLEM

Starting a sneaker brand is no walk in the park, it doesn’t take a Business & Finance Graduate to work that out. Considering how tough the market is, potential startups can find themselves overwhelmed and devoured by the ruthless nature of the game. That’s why ConceptKicks founder, Mr. Bailey, will be teaching a workshop on how to launch your own successful sneaker brand.

The workshop will be taking place in Hong Kong between June 13 -17 and July 18-22 in Waalwijk, Netherlands. The course is being run by SLEM, an innovation and educational institute for footwear. According to the course syllabus, students will be learning about:

... Creating a footwear brand. To achieve this, on Monday you will start with finding inspiration throughout the city of Hong Kong. Inspiration that you will translate in your own way into your concept and your storyline.
The following day begins with sketching and line building, along with incorporating aesthetics and functions to create a unique brand.
The next two days include topics like: sourcing, material selection, production processes and sustainability issues to ensure that your products are aligned with the brand's values and view points.
By Friday you will have learned how to create a brand, a complete collection and will know how to bring it to market.

For any young sneaker designers interested in taking part in the course click here to apply, be quick though as space is limited to just 12 twelve students.