The Best Workout Songs of 2013

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best workout songs 2013

The year is finally coming to a close and while the majority of your social network feeds are proclaiming the usual "new year, new me," you're just taking the time to burn the last few hundred calories before family dinners and holiday sweets become too unbearable to deny.

You've spent the entire year adding new songs to your workout list, and each has helped pump you up to finish that last mile or move up while lifting. So to help prepare you for that influx of membership at your gym and having to wait for cardio machines and dumbells while still keeping you motivated while working out next year, here are The Best Workout Songs of 2013.

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No. 20 - Katy Perry "Walking On Air"

Best for: Aerobics

This year Katy Perry has released hit after hit as usual, and her track "Walking On Air" is no exception. The song isn't as pumped up as "Roar" but it holds a steady beat which would be perfect for an aerobics class. The lyrics are motivational without being too aggressive, which is great for the beginner or someone getting back into fitness.



No. 19 - Justin Timberlake "Let The Groove In"

Best for: Zumba/Dance

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience had hit after hit in 2013, but it's one of Timberlake's album cuts that would make a great addition to a Zumba playlist. "Let The Groove In" has just the right amount of Latin influence to accompany traditional Zumba moves perfectly. The tempo is fast enough for veterans in Zumba but not so fast that beginners wouldn't be able to pick up a few moves instantly.



No. 18 - James Blake "Retrograde"

Best for: Yoga

James Blake might not be the first name you scroll to when you get to the gym, but he should definitely be your last. Yoga is a great way to challenge your body, as well as a great way to stretch muscles after a rigorous workout routine. Blake's "Retrograde" will take you from the aggressive highs from other songs on this list and bring you back down during your child's pose into zen so you can go home feeling more relaxed than tired.



No. 17 - Kanye West "Send It Up"

Best for: Tough Mudder

Kanye had to have two songs on this list because Yeezus was that crucial to this year's workout playlist. "Send It Up" has sirens blaring and a bass knocking so heavy that jumping through pits of mud, climbing over walls, and the rest of the military-style physical challenge will be a breeze.



No. 16 - Paramore "Now"

Best for: CrossFit

Heavy guitar riffs and Hayley Williams' high-energy vocals on "Now" are the perfect mix to get you through a CrossFit workout. The track's speed and aggressiveness will push you through whatever your instructor throws at you, both literally and figuratively.



No. 15 - Ace Hood f/ Rick Ross and Future "Bugatti"

Best for: Cardio

Who said you can't turn up at the gym? Ace Hood's "Bugatti" had the summer on smash this year and while it's a club and radio favorite, it's also great for a good run or elliptical workout. You might still be driving home in the same car you got there in, but you'll be conditioning your body to reach Bugatti status while listening to this fun, bass heavy rap track.



No. 14 - Beyoncé "Bow Down"

Best for: Boot Camp

We haven't had time to fully digest Beyoncé's latest self-titled album to see if there's anything workout worthy on it, but she did drop "Bow Down" earlier this year to not only let her competition know there's nobody above her, but to also motivate every woman in the world to get on her level. "Bow Down" is great for a rigorous boot camp workout.



No. 13 - Major Lazer f/ Bruno Mars, Tyga, 2 Chainz and Mystic "Bubble Butt"

Best for: Zumba

Ladies, if you're looking for a break from the excessive Pitbull and Don Omar that gets played during Zumba classes, Major Lazer's "Bubble Butt" is a great suggestion for your instructor. The song is fun and focuses on the body part a lot of women go to Zumba to tone. So see if your instructor can get some choreography to Major Lazer's hit from this year, if anything hit a couple of willie bounces and get your twerk on for fun.



No. 12 - Britney Spears "Work Bitch"

Best for: Squats/deadlifts

Britney Spears has been the ideal vision for men (and women) eyes in terms of fitness. Despite a few mishaps here and there, she has always stayed fit and during her return to music this year she dropped some motivation for anybody looking to go toe to toe with her. "You better work, bitch." Blast this in your headphones while getting your squats or deadlifts in and those spaghetti legs and arms will feel well worth it.



No. 11 - A$AP Rocky f/ Skrillex "Wild For The Night"

Best for: High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A$AP Mob's frontman, A$AP Rocky, dropped this EDM and rap infused track on his debut album Long.Live.A$AP and the meeting of genres is great for a high-intensity workout. "Wild For The Night" is high-energy and will keep you in motion with its electronic sounds as well as A$AP Rocky's up-tempo flow on the track.



No. 10 - Krewella "Live For The Night"

Best for: Cardio

The EDM scene has become crucial to the modern-day workout playlist because of it's high energy music and Krewella is no exception. Their single, "Live For The Night" can soundtrack a good elliptical workout as well as a run. If you're looking to get a quick calorie burning session in before heading out with friends on New Year's Eve, this song is perfect.



No. 9 - Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"

Best for: Weight training

Imagine Dragons burst into the scene in 2012 with their debut album Night Visions and have already given fans music they can take with them to the gym. "Radioactive" has anthemic chants as well as heavy drums, which will keep anybody focused while weight training at the gym. Whether it's leg day, arm day or overall resistance you're looking to achieve at the gym, this track will get you through it.



No. 8 - French Montana f/ Nicki Minaj "Freaks"

Best for: Spinning

This collaboration between New York rappers French Montana and Nicki Minaj will either keep you completely focused while working out, or have you dancing on your workout bike - either way, you burn calories. The dancehall element to the song keeps you entertained, energetic and peddling toward a Nicki Minaj sized booty.



No. 7 - Flosstradamus "Assquake"

Best for: Running

While the name of this Flosstradamus' might want ladies to go out and do 100 squats, the best way toward something that'll have someone telling you that you make the ground move is by running. This up-tempo track, which features a Big Sean sample, will have you running at a steady pace both during an indoor or outdoor run. Feel the burn.



No. 6 - Pusha T "Millions"

Best for: CrossFit

Pusha T's music is aggressive, just like CrossFit is. While you're pushing your body to new heights jumping for dear life doing burpees or under and overs, you can have Pusha T's catchy hook on "Millions" in your ear giving you the ambition to finish that last jump before the next facet of the high-intensity workout begins.


jay_rozay copy

No. 5 - Jay Z f/ Rick Ross "Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit"

Best for: Abdominals

Jay Z's chart-topping hit with Rick Ross might sound like your typical rap bravado (because it is), but what better song to have blasting while toning up your abs. You walk away feeling like you're that much closer to a flat stomach and this collaboration from Hov's Magna Carta, Holy Grail will make you forget all about the pending pain from that workout.



No. 4 - A$AP Ferg f/ A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, Schoolboy Q and French Montana "Work (Remix)"

Best for: Weight lifting

A$AP Ferg's "Work" is amazing for a few reasons. For one, the hook is infectious, it'll convince you that one extra set or rep is achievable and with the remix delivering verses from the likes of A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q, you might end up adding both to your weight lifting workout very soon.



No. 3 - Linkin Park f/ Steve Aoki "A Light That Never Comes"

Best for: Outdoor cardio

Linkin Park has always dropped music that's perfect for workouts. They have encompassed trials and tribulations through Mike Shinoda's raps and Chester Bennington's vocals throughout the years, and this year dropped another song you can add to your playlist. Their collaboration with Steve Aoki has given their music a refreshing sound over an electronic beat, but the words stay the same. It's perfect motivation during an outdoor run. Just put in your headphones and let the track push you further.



No. 2 - Kanye West "Black Skinhead"

Best for: Circuit Training

As controversial as Kanye's Yeezus has been this year, there's no denying that a few songs on the album get you pumped while working out. The beat drop on "Blood on The Leaves" is enough to have anyone try to do something unreasonable during a weight lifting session, but it's "Black Skinhead" that would be perfect to soundtrack a circuit training session at the gym. With Kanye's lyrics blaring through your headphones ("Baby we living in the moment/I've been a menace for the longest/But I ain't finished, I'm devoted/And you know it, and you know it"), you'll get through a few grueling circuits in no time.



No. 1 - 30 Seconds to Mars "Up In The Air"

Best for: Total Body Conditioning

This track from 30 Seconds to Mars' latest album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, is strong enough to keep you motivated with the anthemic chants, but also on a great pace while doing cardio or weight training during a TBC workout.

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