PROMO: The Shoe Surgeon Helped Sneakerheads Customize Their Adidas Nite Joggers

The Shoe Surgeon lent his sneaker customization expertise to sneakerheads in Los Angeles as they re-designed Adidas Nite Joggers

Dominic Chambrone, a.k.a. The Shoe Surgeon, recently partnered with adidas for a special sneaker customization workshop in support of the brand’s new release, the adidas Nite Jogger. The Shoe Palace pop-up located on Melrose was transformed into a footwear factory, as sweepstakes winners and influencers alike came together to customize their own pair of the slick new silhouette, and turn it into a style all their own—perfect for a shoe made for those who come alive after their 9-to-5s.

“The Nite Jogger is about the night hustle and having fun doing something custom and making something unique for yourself,” said Chambrone before the workshop. “Sure, at this kind of pop-up there’s only so much you can do in a couple hours, but when you do something like this, you’re free. Nothing else matters. Don’t worry about making something perfect. And that’s what I’m telling everyone.”

The evening kicked off with Chambrone giving the class a pep talk, as participants listened attentively at their stations, where custom Shoe Surgeon boxes awaited them. In those boxes were a leather mask, an apron, and a specially designed menu that offered customization tips, complete with the estimated time each project would take.

“There [are] so many ways we as people try to find self-expression—whether it’s piercings or tattoos or the way I do my hair,” explained Natalia Perez, an LA-raised sweepstakes winner who spends her days working in radio. “But with fashion, it’s a way that we can really [express] who we are without having to say anything… So, the only game plan I have is purple. It’s my signature color.”

Influencers Justine Mae Biticon, Symphani Soto, Khayman Burton, and Karla J also dug into their own mini masterpieces alongside Perez and other selected sneakerheads. As the Surgeon’s eager new students crafted their finishing touches, Chambrone addressed them all one last time with closing remarks, before the night capped off with a class photo.

It was a surreal night for the group since customizing sneakers isn’t exactly on one’s typical weeknight agenda. But then again, nothing is typical for a late-night hustler.

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