In Pursuit of "The New New" with Phony PPL, RATKING, and Converse CONS

Freshness at the speed of life.

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Style has always been about what’s new, but never before have tastes and trends transformed and evolved as rapidly as they do today. As the digital age gives way to the super digital age, the new has become the new new. So how do we anchor ourselves while keeping up with ever-changing styles? The best formula will always be to call back to the classics while constantly innovating.

Rising bands Phony PPL and RATKING have their finger on the pulse of "The New New," and show the rest of us what it’s like to live on the cutting edge. Both bands are based in NYC, and epitomize a contemporary attitude toward artistic creation: Go with the flow, don’t judge, if it works it works. This laid back, wide open worldview allowed the guys in each band to pursue their respective paths fearlessly, and now they stand on the cusp of breaking through.

To see what we’re talking about, check out our digital cover story on Phony PPL and RATKING, in which the guys are rocking two new retro looks from Converse CONS—the Star Player Plus and 2013 Aerojam. Like both groups, the sneakers are a mix of classic and modern. The Star Player Plus mixes canvas and nubuck, and features molded collar details and bright stitching accents that make the whole thing pop. Black/charcoal/exuberance (a hot shade of orange) and black/varsity red are the two new colorways now available. The new Aerojams are a stitch-for-stitch remake of the original silhouette: a modern materials upgrade that makes them lighter and more comfortable than ever.

Both Phony PPL and RATKING take a similar approach to style: they pay homage to simple, timeless looks, while keeping it fresh on their own terms. Welcome to age of The New New.

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