Michael Jordan's Championship Air Jordans Just Sold for $8 Million

As part of Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection.

Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection
Image via Sotheby's
Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection

It’s not often that we see Michael Jordan’s championship Air Jordans appear on the auction block and it’s even more rare when they’re together, but that’s exactly what happened with Sotheby’s six-shoe The Dynasty Collection shown here.

The Air Jordan sneakers in this group include the “Infrared” Air Jordan 6, “Charcoal” Air Jordan 7, “Playoff” Air Jordan 8, “Bred” Air Jordan 11, “Playoff” Air Jordan 12,” and the “Last Shot” Air Jordan 14. Each shoe was worn by MJ himself during his six championship runs with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s and is also autographed by Jordan. According to Sotheby’s, this entire collection is available for private sale as a set, as the auction house anticipates a higher price if the sneakers are sold individually.

Brahm Wachter, head of streetwear and modern collectibles at Sotheby’s, likens the group to “the Mona Lisa” of both sneaker collecting and sports memorabilia. “While they are two distinct communities, they converge here with The Dynasty Collection,” Wachter says. “They also represent the intersection of Jordan’s championship legacy and his style legacy, both of which have combined to make him a global icon. Because of the historical and cultural impact that they represent, as a group, they are among the most important basketball shoes a collector could own.”

The entirety of Sotheby’s The Dynasty Collection is currently on display in Dubai from now until March 3. The collection is then scheduled to travel to Hong Kong from April 1 to April 8 and Singapore from May 3 to May 6. Grab a closer look at the sneakers below.

UPDATE (02/02): After going up for sale nearly a year ago, Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection, featuring six of MJ's championship Air Jordans, has been auctioned off.

The auction house announced today that a buyer bought the collection at its New York City location for $8 million, which set the record for most expensive game-worn sneakers sold and became the second highest price for MJ's memorabilia, behind Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals Game 1 jersey that sold for $10.1 million in September 2022.

"Today’s record-breaking price is a testament to the GOAT. The Dynasty Collection undeniably ranks among the most significant compilations of sports memorabilia in history," Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s Head of Modern Collectables, said. "Serving as both a reminder of Michael Jordan's lasting impact on the world and a tangible expression of his recognized legendary status, its significance is further validated by this monumental result. A truly unparalleled moment and milestone in auction history, the sale of these six championship-clinching sneakers will likely never be replicated."

Sotheby's had estimated the set would sell for between $7 million to $10 million. Prior to today's sale, the historic group of sneakers was showcased across the world.

Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection
Sotheby's The Dynasty Collection

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