Reseller Benjamin Kickz Charged With Felony Robbery

Reseller Benjamin Kickz (real name Benjamin Kapelushnik) was arrested on felony robbery charges after an altercation in Miami Beach on New Year's Eve.

benjamin kickz

Image via Getty/Bennett Raglin

benjamin kickz

High-profile sneaker reseller Benjamin Kickz has been arrested on robbery charges following an incident at The Fontainebleau Hotel at Miami Beach on New Year's Eve.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the State Attorney and prosecutor for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of the Miami-Dade County, announced on Twitter the arrest of Benjamin Kickz, whose real name is Benjamin Kapelushnik, earlier today.

Police say shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve, Kapelushnik and his group of friends got into an alercation with 19-year-old Luel Alemu after Kapelushnik believed that Alemu had taken a picture of him without his consent. The situation quickly escalated resulting in Kapelushnik allegedly grabbing Alemu's phone before Alemu was then allegedly attacked by Kapelushnik's group of friends, leaving him with serious injuries to his body, which are said to require hospitalization and surgery.

"Internet fame or celebrity grants no one the right to violate the law," Rundle said in her tweet. "The actions that put a young man in the hospitals are crimes, plain and simple. The accumulated evidence, once placed before our criminal court, will make that point clear."

Kapelushnik has been processed in the Dade County Jail and is currently awaiting a bond hearing. He was charged with strongarm robbery, which is a second-degree felony.

Kapelushnik is known for reselling sneakers to a clientele made up of predominantly celebrities and musicians including DJ Khaled, Drake, and Odell Beckham Jr. 

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