Ebay Is Adding Fees to Sneaker Transactions

eBay announced that sneakers selling for $100 or more will be subjected to a new final value fee starting in January 2022. Click here for the official details.

eBay Sneaker Reseller
Image via eBay
eBay Sneaker Reseller

Around this time in 2019, Ebay announced that any sneaker sold at $100 or more will not be subjected to any fees for the transaction, but that will soon change.

Earlier today, the e-commerce platform revealed that new changes are coming to the final value fees for men’s and women’s sneakers that are listed in the Athletic Shoes category. Starting on Jan. 19, the final value fee for sneakers sold over $100 will be at 8%, while insertion fees will continue to be waived for listings with a starting price over $100. For sneaker transactions under $100, final value fee rates will remain unchanged.

Ebay revealed that the implementation of the fees will allow the platform to bring new features as well as improvements to its existing programs like Authenticity Guarantee and 3D true view.

Despite the new fee, Ebay continues to position itself as the most cost-competitive platform for sneaker fans looking to resell their shoes, as compared to its competitors like GOAT, StockX, and Stadium Goods, who issue a 9.5% commission fee, 10% transaction fee, and 20% commission fee, respectively.

eBay Sneakers Fee Chart