Rules for Matching Your Sneakers to Your Outfit

Properly matching your kicks to your new outfit is a form of art.


Figuring out what to wear with your carefully curated sneaker collection can be tough, largely because when buying new drops, we rarely consider anything other than the colorway, design, and concept in question. This doesn’t happen with other shoes. Shopping for wingtips or brogues requires that you consider your suit collection, hiking boots call for practical decisions, and versatile boots are a closet staple. When you pick out new sneakers, we’ll go so far to say that this purely aesthetic choice at times veers into nostalgic, emotional, and aspirational lanes. Simply put, you’re picking your kicks because they’re dope and not because they match your jeans. But we’ve got you: read ahead for our tips on how to match your sneakers to the rest of your wardrobe (without going overboard). 

Avoid Matching Your Entire Look

Wear the Right 'Fit

Know When to Contrast

Don’t Forget the Socks

Make Your Own Rules, So You Can Break Them