10 Personal Trainers You Should Follow on Twitter

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Even the most fitness focused among us tend to use twitter just to see how comedians are making fun of Kardashians. That doesn’t mean there aren’t great tweeters out there waiting to help you step up your wellness game. Whether it be with words of motivation, workout videos, or dietary advice, there are a number of quality gurus doling out gym wisdom for free on the internet. So take a break from Rob Delany and Kelly Oxford and put some beef in your twitter feed with the 10 Personal Trainers You Should Follow on Twitter.

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No. 10 - Lüc Carl 

Handle: @LucCarl

Lüc Carl is the kind of guy that might inspire a Ben Stiller character. He is part 80s rocker, part running trainer. He hosts an 80s metal podcast, used to bartend in the Lower East Side, and once dated Lady Gaga. More importantly, he wants you to get fit. We were tempted by his book “The Drunk Diet: How to Lose Weight” which boasts the tagline, “How I lost 40 pounds … wasted.”


No. 9 - Brett Hoebel 

Handle: @bretthoebel

Though you may know him from Biggest Loser, Brett Hoebel’s training is pretty bad ass. He comes from a capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing background. But, just as he has cultivated his body, he has cultivated his mind. Hoebel holds degress in psychology, biology and biomedical science. So, yeah, he's got some good stuff to say.


No. 8 - Karen Ficarelli

Handle: @Fitness4Her

Karen Ficarelli offers some serious female-centric fitness advice on this feed. She covers everything from dieting to setting workout goals to self-esteem. For ladies looking to look better, eat better and feel better, Karen is a one stop twitter shop.


No. 7 - Ashley Borden

Handle: @ashleyborden

Though she is a champion of yoga and dieting like most other female personal trainers, Borden has a tough edge that is evident right out of the gate. She boasts a love of MMA and casually suggests using weighted vests while attempting her workouts. From nutrition to next-level workouts, Borden speaks to it all.


No 6. - Charles Poliquin

Handle: @CharlesPoliquin

Poliquin is all about strength training. But unlike the meatheads from your college weight room, he focuses on more than just the bench press. Poliquin explores lesser known workouts and recommends ways to maximize your workout.


No. 5 - John Romaniello

Handle: @JohnRomaniello

John Romaniello is a little different than other fitness gurus out there. He is known to mix in Star Wars references and comic book love with his self-concious brand of fitness advice. We would probably follow him on Twitter even if he weren't a fitness guru.


No. 4 - Jason Korinek

Handle: @Fitness4thehome

Korinek runs a business in the U.K. that sends personal trainers to your house, which is definitely one of those genius business ventures we wish we thought of. Though personal training and weight loss are his primary focus, he finds quirky and interesting fitness-related posts that keep you thinking outside the gym.


No. 3 - Jillian Michaels

Handle: @JillianMIchaels

Even though Jillian spends just as much time these days promoting her brand as dispensing fitness advice, she is still a great resource for the good word on working out. Though she runs a lot of her technical workout advice through @EverydayHealth, the fitness queen is definitely worth a follow.


No. 2 - David Sandel, CSCS

Handle: @AthleteCreator

Sandel used to be an electrical engineer and has since become a personal trainer. The knowledge gained in such a journey is evident from his thoughtful feed, where he brings up intriguing fitness points with an outdoorsy flair. Some of the best content on Sandel tweets comes from his blog, which he started to chronicle his move from number cruncher to ab cruncher.


No. 1 - Nick Irons

Handle: @NickIrons

Considering how many fly-by-night fitness personalities there are, Nick Irons’ authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The dude is an ultra-endurance athlete. He swam from Minneapolis to Baton Rouge in the Mississippi River, so when he tells you to get more get  more sleep or eat more fish, you listen. Don't worry, he isn't going to try to get you to swim any of America's largest rivers ... at least not until you master the fundamentals.