Zara Rips Off Adidas' NMD

The Adidas NMD gets knocked off by fast fashion powerhouse Zara.

Zara Adidas NMD
Image via Zara
Zara Adidas NMD

So popular is the Adidas NMD and its many spin-offs that the silhouette has spawned plenty of imitators, with outlets who don't necessarily specialize in sneakers mimicking the NMD look in an effort to cash in. Zara is doing just that with this model, the black Geometric High-Top spotted by Footwear News.

The shoe looks to the Adidas NMD City Sock for reference, its upper being a pretty close match. The outsole does not borrow Adidas' Boost, and instead looks something like a Tubular tooling.

For what it's worth, this NMD wannabe costs considerably less than the real deal, coming in at just under $60 here. That being said, we still can't cosign such a purchase.

Zara Adidas NMD Black
Zara Adidas NMD City Sock
Zara Adidas NMD Heel