Reebok Is Making More of Its "Alien" Sneakers

A new Alien Stomper colorway surfaces.

Reebok Alien Stomper Mid White Navy

Reebok appears to bringing back its Alien Stomper sneakers again. The shoes, which originally appeared in the classic sci-fi film Aliens, got a retro release back in April to celebrate Aliens Day and look to be hitting shelves once more.

While Reebok hasn't communicated anything about the release, the white/navy colorway pictured above has surfaced via Japanese shop Mita Sneakers. It's unclear if this go round will again be a limited affair.

Reebok caught some heat after the way it handled the first 2016 retro of the Alien Stomper, with people complaining about the apparent lack of women's sizes despite the shoes being worn by a woman in Aliens.