This Classic Nike SB Dunk Low Is Coming Back as a High

Danny Supa Nike SB Dunks set to return in 2017.

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Nike SB is planning to bring back another of its classic Dunk releases. According to pro skater Danny Supa, his highly coveted Nike SB Dunk Low "Supa" from 2002 is set to come back for Holiday, 2017.

In a Facebook live stream with The Ride Channel, Supa talks about his history with the brand and getting back on board with the Swoosh.

"I actually signed another little two-year contract with Nike because we're about to re-release some shoes," Supa says in the video.

He goes on to explain that Nike is planning to re-release the shoe, maybe as a Dunk High. Nike's not confirmed anything yet, and likely won't given how far out Supa says the shoe is, but a High re-issue is more likely than a straight retro of the Low given Nike SB's approach on bringing back shoes like the Diamond and Cali Dunks.

Watch the video below to hear Supa talk about his relationship with Nike over the years and turning down offers from his weed dealer to buy a pair of Supa Dunks from him for $5,000.