Sneaker Relics Unearthed in Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman's Garage

A video unveils some incredible Nike history.

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Long before Nike started churning out high-end footwear in design labs in Beaverton, Ore., Swoosh co-founder Bill Bowerman would prototype and produce the brand's shoes all by himself at home.

Bowerman famously used a waffle iron to create early traction patterns for the brand. In the above YouTube video uploaded by designer Bob Smith and originally shot in 2002, a crew is seen picking through the garage of the late Bowerman for artifacts from Nike's beginnings.

They stumble upon some original rubber made by Bowerman in his trusty waffle iron, and even a traction pattern for one of the first Nike football shoes (Nike's AstroTurf-tuned shoe was one of its first designs).

This video doesn't have the sort of deadstock goodies that more modern digging clips boast, but it's still a fun moment of discovery to watch for at-home Nike historians.