Adidas Made ZX Fluxes Look Like NMDs

With Primeknit and a sock collar.

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Image via Complex Original
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This article was first published on Sole Collector.

Remember when everybody was going crazy over the adidas ZX Flux? The model never hit NMD levels of hype, but had a strong buzz when it debuted that's since diminished significantly as it's shifted into GR status.

Here, the model is injected with some design choices that bring it closer to the NMD–there's Primeknit dominating the upper and the shoe's collar terminates with a sock-like shape like the NMD's.

The good thing is that purchasing these won't involve a huge chase like all the Primeknit NMDs. Readers can find this pair of the adidas ZX Flux Primeknit now here.

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