These Vintage Fake Jordans Even Have a Wings Logo

They spared no details with these AJKO-esque fake Air Jordans from the 80s.

Volleys II Fake Air Jordan Vintage Sneakers
Image via Dylan Ratner
Volleys II Fake Air Jordan Vintage Sneakers

Before the Jordan Brand became a $3 billion dollar business, smaller sneaker companies knew Nike had a hit on its hands when the Air Jordan 1 changed the landscape of basketball footwear in the 80s. So, instead of designing an equally appealing sneaker, these companies often made their own version of the Jordan 1.

At some point during that time, these Volleys II sneakers were produced and presumably sold at retail. Dylan Ratner shares this extremely rare pair, which features a suede and AJKO-like canvas upper. The most eye-catching feature is the Volleys II Wings logo—a direct ripoff of Nike's mark for Jordan.

Honors Sport and Pro-Joggs are among the other companies that ripped off the original Air Jordan. According to reports last year, the counterfeit goods industry is now worth $461 billion, with sneakers and sportswear representing a large part of that figure.