Watch This Sneaker Shop Literally Backdoor "Chocolate" Yeezys

This sneaker shop got creative with today's "Chocolate" Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost release.

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Retailers are always accused of backdooring Yeezy's, so here's us backdooring Yeezy's... @adidasoriginals @kanyewest

Over the years, Saturday morning sneaker releases have went from bonding experiences to disappointing displays of greed. Part of the reason they've lost their luster is because of retail backdooring, a term used to describe shops "selling" their stock to friends and resellers before real customers have an opportunity to make a purchase. However, there are still some shops putting the customer first, like Columbus' Sole Classics, which got creative with today's "Chocolate" Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost release.

Poking fun at the fact that most retailers are being accused of backdooring their pairs, Sole Classics set up an actual sketchy-looking backdoor spot for customers to buy their Yeezy Boosts. Loyal customers who are part of the shop's Reward Cards program were invited to line up behind the store to buy the shoes on a first come, first serve basis. The response is exactly what you want to see on Saturday mornings — happy customers who got the shoes they wanted and others appreciating a fair and innovative process, despite leaving empty-handed.

If there's a good independent sneaker boutique in your area, make sure to support it when you can. You never know how your loyalty will be rewarded.

"In the bando lookin out the peep hole" @SoleClassics X Yeezy release
No Ls here. S/o to @SoleClassics for the assist. That release was fun 👌🏻
@BEZZUS_SZN as always, thanks @SoleClassics for the backdoor assist 👀
#YEEZYSEASON Shout Out @SoleClassics Super Legit Release 💪🏻
Sick that I wasn't able to cop a pair of Yeezys...AGAIN...but shout out to @SoleClassics for being innovative and fair ever time they drop
I see @SoleClassics brought fun back to shoe releases... only the real survive...