Lamar Jackson Refused to Wear Yeezy Cleats for a Good Reason

Here's why Heisman winner Lamar Jackson wouldn't play in Yeezy cleats this season.

Lamar Jackson Yeezy Cleats
Image via Brad Penner USA Today Sports
Lamar Jackson Yeezy Cleats

The face of one of Adidas' marquee football programs, Louisville quarterback Lamar  Jackson was approached by the brand about the possibility of playing against Florida State in its much talked about Yeezy cleats back in September. According to a report by Card Chronicle's Mike Rutherford, the school signed off on the cleats, but Jackson turned down the opportunity — for good reason.

"He said matter of factly that if the whole team couldn't wear them, then he wasn't going to," said Rutherford. "Hence, no Cardinals wearing Yeezy cleats this season."

College football rosters, like Louisville's, easily clear 100+ players. And if one team gets Yeezy cleats, every other Adidas-sponsored program is going to expect the same. It's a tough spot for the brand and understandable reasoning from Jackson, who won the Heisman Trophy last Saturday.

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