The New Stan Smith, Forever Shoe is a Wonder of Sustainability

Stan Smith's classic shoe has cemented its legacy by now making it eco-friendly and sustainable without cutting corners on comfortability or style.

Stan Smith Forever Sustainable Shoe

Image via adidas

Stan Smith Forever Sustainable Shoe

To be an icon, one must stand the test of time while also adapting to the changing times and that’s exactly what adidas’ Stan Smith has done. The sleek shoe has cemented itself as an essential go-to for all sneakerheads and now it’s taking that legacy to a new level.

The new sustainable Stan Smith Forever is the newest iteration of the shoe. It’s made from 100 percent recycled materials. The line of eco-friendly shoes features Primegreen — a high performance, plastic-free fabric that’s made from at least 50 percent recycled materials.

Natalie Achonwa Stan Smith Forever

To celebrate the brand’s forward leap into sustainability, adidas launched three distinct designs of the recognizable shoe. There’s also a Disney-inspired collection including a Kermit the Frog design with the phrase “It’s not easy being green” to remind lovers of the new Stan Smith Forever shoe to be a little more green.

Canadian basketball player Natalie Achonwa is also a Stan Smith fan and loves that the brand’s commitment to sustainability hasn’t affected the shoe’s overall look and feel.

“I am definitely a supporter of the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’—so I LOVE that adidas was able to combine their sustainability efforts and still keep the original silhouette and fit of a Stan Smith sneaker.”

Achonwa is one of the first influencers to participate in the Style It Sustainably partnership with adidas, which shows consumers, by way of social carousel content, how the shoe can be worn and reused for different occasions.

Ensuring the sustainability doesn’t just focus on the shoe. Each pair of sustainable Stan Smithshoes comes packaged in the classic adidas originals blue shoebox, which is made of more than 90% recycled paper.

“To be able to combine style and sustainability is next level. I love that I can feel good about being more eco-friendly just by wearing a pair of sneakers.” Achonwa said.

The collection features sustainable takes of the classic silhouette. To purchase a pair from the Stan Smith, Forever collection click HERE.

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