It Looks Like There's a "What the" Air Jordan 1 Releasing in the Future

Images tease at the possibility of a "What the" Air Jordan 1.

Image via @realchickenwop

In 2007, the Nike SB "What the Dunk" was created. It took bits and pieces from some of the rarest, hyped up Nike SBs to create one sneaker – becoming a sought after sneaker in its on right. Since then, Nike has used the "What the" concept over and over and over without the same hyped up results. Now, the Air Jordan 1 is getting the "What the" treatment, but its not how most would expect it to be.

With dozens, if not hundreds of Air Jordan 1 colorways, the concept could easily be turned into a mash up of random color and material all over the silhouette. In a teaser image shared on Instagram by @therealchickenwop, the Air Jordan 1 "What the" can be made out to be a mash up of three original colorways – "Black/Red,""Royal" and "Shadow" 1s. The color blocking stays true to all three colorways with color changes on only the toe, outsole, Swoosh and ankle.

The color combination was confirm by @BALTsneakerShow on Twitter: 

While there is no official information on the "What the" Air Jordan 1, expect to see more detailed pictures in the future. Stay posted.