Salehe Bembury is stepping down as the vice president of sneakers and men's footwear of Versace. Hypebeast first reported this news earlier today before it was officially confirmed by the footwear designer via social media.

"Donatella Versace offered me a life-changing opportunity, and Versace offered me a platform," Bembury told Hypebeast. "Often individuals that look like me are not put in the same position. This significant detail was not taken for granted and ultimately I hope that my role is used as a vehicle for progress. I am forever grateful for what was bestowed upon me and extremely proud of what we were able to achieve."

Bembury told the publication that his current contract with Versace will expire at the end of this year and he intends to pursue new opportunities in 2021, which includes building on his recent collaborative efforts with both New Balance and ANTA as well as launching his own brand next year.

Bembury has led numerous sneaker projects during his tenure with the Italian luxury fashion label including the 2 Chainz-backed Chain Reaction model, the Apple Computers-inspired Versace sneaker, and most recently, the Versace Trigreca.