Trophy Room, the sneaker store owned by Michael Jordan's son Marcus, is getting ready to drop yet another Air Jordan collaboration. As early leaks have shown, the store's Air Jordan 1 collab is based on the model's iconic Chicago colorway and is individually numbered to 12,000 pairs—some of which have already found their way into the wild. According to Marcus, there's funny business at play, and he says it's going to be taken care of.

In a rare glimpse into the shadowy world of early pairs that circulate far ahead of official release dates, MJ's son tweeted today that Trophy Room hasn't received any of the sneakers yet, nor has the store paid Nike for the product. Furthermore, Marcus says it was only recently that he became aware the shoes had arrived stateside. 

Marcus goes one step further later in the tweet, calling out "shiesty brothers in Memphis" (a reference to Nike's Memphis, Tennessee, distrbution center, the brand's largest worldwide) who are "acting funny" and says the Trophy Room family will be fixing the matter.

It's not clear who exactly Marcus is referring to, but he seems to be hinting that pairs housed in the Memphis distribution center are the source of recent social media leaks, such as the one below.

When reached for comment, Marcus declined to elaborate on his tweet.