The sneaker news continues to roll in from Paris Fashion Week, the latest hit surrounding Sacai's highly anticipated follow-up sneaker collaboration with Nike.

What's believed to be the Pegasus VaporFly SP hit the runway earlier today, with images making rounds shortly after. The silo picks up where the beloved LDV Waffle left off, highlighted by double Swoosh branding, lacing and tongue construction, while sitting atop a triple-stacked sole. Leaked information indicates that the trio of colorways is slated to release this fall.

Image via Complex Original/Karizza Sanchez

As expected, the unveiling didn't come without a strong response from Twitter's sneaker contingent, so we rounded up the best reactions to the Sacai x Nike Pegasus VaporFly below.

They look like they've been assulted and left for dead by that god awful Balenciaga brick shoe..please stop this madness.

— JoelyGabs (@joelygabs) January 18, 2020

Disappointing but cop-worthy.

— Jesse Wines (@Jesse_Wines) January 18, 2020

We dont need another balenciaga please stop it.

— カラゲキング (@notsushitrash) January 18, 2020

They wanna do all of this instead of delivering some waffles to my doorstep

— RUSH (@malikkrush) January 18, 2020

Yep...i called it. Whenever a brand does something great they try to keep it doing & majority of time it disappoints. Not even the biggest fan of Waffs but theyre nice these are yikes

— вгапdоп 🇮🇹🇵🇷 (@BLosito11) January 18, 2020

They look like they’ll fall apart if you’re in the city over the summer.

— tzford (@tzford) January 18, 2020


— Chi (@Biggram7) January 18, 2020

Fashion got out of hand 😂😂😂

— tony (@RonaldMcNuggetz) January 18, 2020

Looks like something Marvin The Martian would wear at the gym

— Skeeno (@Local199) January 18, 2020

The black ones look like shoes my dad used to cut the lawn glued onto another pair my dad used to walk around the neighborhood

— johnny moonlight (@peter_you_suck) January 18, 2020

Something about just these isn't hittin'. Maybe it's the "meh" colorways chosen, maybe it's way they salami sliced the midsole of a vaporfly, or maybe it's whatever the hell is going on with sole. In combo, these just don't work.

— The Part-time Hypebeast (@PartHypebeast) January 18, 2020

Shits look busted tf up

— Bussy Fillups (@ANTWANDUNCAN) January 18, 2020

So, based on the general response, only about two people like these and they'll be easy to cop when they release, right? Not very likely.

Now I do like these... 😎😎

— Stan Galbraith (@galbraith44) January 18, 2020

That black one is 🔥

— Chond (@sourcroissant) January 18, 2020