New Balance celebrates the family and talent with the star-studded "Runs in the Family" campaign.

There is no doubting the dedication, training commitments, vision, and motivation that allows creative and sporting talents to reach the next level and become stars. While these are essential elements in nurturing skill, there are some families where natural finesse is seemingly in their genes, and "Runs in the Family" sees New Balance showcase stars from such families. The ongoing campaign calls on the likes of Olympic hurdler and sprinter Sydney McLaughlin, artist Jaden Smith, NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, professional skater Jamie Foy, and Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor celebrate and explore the unique qualities that run in their family.

Take a look at the first batch of campaign videos below to see the strengths that keep each talent rising to the top, and stay tuned to New Balance for more.

All Images via New Balance