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Nike Air Max is a big thing. So much so that it has its own holiday. Can you name another sneaker that does? I’ll stop there. Created by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, the technology, which exposes the inner Air mechanism in Nike sneakers, has revolutionized the footwear world. It made running cool—or at least running sneakers—and turned wearing the shoes into a statement, a cultural signifier that means you don’t fuck around. But the sneakers themselves are rooted in sport. Air Max was a massive development in athletic footwear, and it helped springboard Nike to the forefront of the sneaker game.

But what do athletes themselves actually think of Air Max, and which models are their favorite? We were able to speak to a handful of Nike athletes, including Odell Beckham Jr. and Todd Gurley, to find out which Air Max sneaker impacted them the most.

Here are their answers.