In the midst of Soulja Boy's early bid for wildest resurgence of 2019, the rapper made a surprise appearance at the Barclay Center's Yams Day celebration, but that was just one of the rapper's many stops in New York.

Soulja was also spotted at Origins NYC, a sneaker and streetwear resale store on Broadway. Clips are circulating on social media with various claims, including some indicating that he attempted to leave the store without paying after racking up a tab. However, an unnamed employee tells Complex there's more to the story than that.

“We agreed on a store credit to do a promotion, we do Instagram giveaways and all of that," the source said. "So we’re like, ‘This is the amount you’re going to get to spend.’ Then he went over the limit, and he said he was going to pay the difference. That’s before the video started rolling. We went to do the giveaway, and we’re like, ‘We need you to post that before you leave.’ We’ve had celebrities come in and say they’re going to do all this stuff and there’s no contract or anything like that, so we’ve had people kind of spin off on us [without posting].”

According to the source, the parties agreed to $1,200 worth of store credit, but Soulja Boy ended up with $2,500 worth of product in his shopping bags. That's allegedly when the cameras started rolling, picturing the rapper taking off his Gucci headband and leaving the rest of his selections behind.

In related news, Soulja Boy recently gave props to Travis Scott, saluting the Astroworld rapper for "taking" Kylie Jenner from Tyga.