P Money and Little Dee are two cornerstones in grime music who have made music together since the mid 2000s. It’s a friendship that culminated in their 2018 album Back 2 Back, which found both emcees going back and forth in barrages of unfiltered bars; upholding the traditions of the genre they helped pioneer in South East London. As grime’s profile rises on a global scale, P Money and Little Dee put a larger emphasis on the authenticity and humble beginnings of the musical movement – wherever it travels, the sounds of London follows.

In the latest episode of Best Of British, P Money and Little Dee talk about their love of grime and the values that the genre is rooted in, as well as the styles, sounds and solidarity that rose from the London streets. This includes the ravenous bars in the art of the clash, or the trainers that have left a permanent footprint on grime’s existence.