Nothing has changed the landscape in which brands, artists and creatives operate more than the medium of collaboration in recent years. Collaboration in its final form is often just the product itself; but the process that goes into it is often overlooked. 

To try and understand some of the complexities behind what is now seen as a hyped-up streetwear buzzword, Converse and The Basement assembled a panel of talent that have worked prominently in the world of collaboration culture in the last few years. 

Taking place where Converse were displaying some of their most recent One Star collaborations, the conversation was held between The Basement’s Alex Ropes and a 5-strong panel featuring Minnie Harding, influencer marketer at Sony RCA, emerging fashion designer Liam Hodges, creative director of Clash Magazine Rob Myers, Metallic Inc. creative head and Skepta collaborator Alex Sossah and Stussy stylist and creative consultant Jordan Vickors. 

Each panelist has taken ideas from different worlds - whether it be in music, marketing or style - and combined them to make new things as part of their roles with their respective companies. 

Covering issues such as music and social media’s influence on the collaboration through to why and how brands choose to engage in these cultural interactions, we’ve rounded up five key things that we learned from the panel talk, which showcased how and why collaboration has and will continue to be important in the future.