Macklemore joined Joe La Puma for the latest episode of Complex Closets Monday, giving fans a rare glimpse at his admittedly enviable collection of vintage threads and unreleased Jordans. Macklemore, whose new album Gemini is due Sept. 22, also had some words for the hydration enthusiasts over at Gatorade.

"I got a couple things, actually," Macklemore said when asked to show off some never-before-seen pieces from his collection. Macklemore then pulled a Jordan off the rack that he says was a sample of his own design, initially mistaken by Joe as the infamous Gatorades. "These are my shoe," Macklemore clarified. "This was a sample, and, you know, Gatorade came in a couple years later and designed a very similar shoe. I'm not gonna say anything, but these are very, very similar to what is coming out in the fall."

Though the Gatorade similarities understandably bummed Macklemore out, he's since made relative peace with the overlap. "Shout out to Gatorade," he said.

Gemini features appearances by King Draino, Kesha, Offset, Lil Yachty, and more. To promote the release, which marks Macklemore's first solo effort in more than a decade, the Seattle rapper will embark on the North American Gemini Tour in October. Get dates and ticket info here.