Age: 23
Location: Oslo, Norway
Years collecting New Balance: 5-6

Which sneaker did you design and why?
I made a 991 in my favorite colors. Everyday colors. Beige, black, and white. If you know you know. Forward together is all about doing things together. Lift each other up. Having fun and having each other. That's the best thing you can have. Care and be kind to each other. It's so easy. Cliche but important these days that all things happen around us. The idea is also because New Balance has a lot of the same values as me. Building a team. We are better together. Especially we girls, we need to support each other instead of compare. This goes out to all the strong women in the world - all about dreams and ambitions. Never let anyone tell you that you can't!

How does it feel to get this opportunity?
I’m so thankful for being included first of all. I'm privileged and overwhelmed. This is a dream. The people at New Balance and the people at this trip are amazing. So open minded and warm. Me and my boys. Shout out to the New Balance family and the opportunity to get to make something with meaning and passion. Thank you for taking care of the real collectors. Real recognizes real. Real talk.