Attention: Adidas is hiring people to work on Kanye West’s Yeezy line. The brand posted job listings on its website for a variety of positions, with titles including footwear designer, apparel designer, and more. The people who fill these big shoes will dictate whether the Yeezy line will be a commercial success or failure — so Adidas had better pick the right people.

The brand  will surely hire new faces from outside the company, but it will also need to ride its current wave of success by looking  within to see if there’s anyone already there who could work on the project, too.

Everyone who loves sneakers, even just a little bit, is going to be applying for these openings, but Adidas needs to be careful with their hires. They need people who understand what Kanye is trying to do with his line, but also know their way around footwear design and the sneaker industry. Here are the talented heavy-hitters Adidas should be going hard for.